Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin – Renewal of the safety lighting

  • services: service phases 1 – 8, cost group 440
  • client: Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH
  • time period: 2018 – 2021

Scope of services

Renewal of the safety lighting system during operation, including all control centres and substations, as well as renewal and upgrading of cable systems with functional maintenance.


The Max-Schmeling-Halle is a multipurpose hall in Berlin, which is managed by Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH. The hall was built as a three-aisled facility with an arena, VIP lounge, side halls and various ancillary rooms on a site area of approximately 39,000 m². The hall has a gross floor area of about 85,000 m² and has a total length of 220 m. The building is parted into 3 components and has has up to 5 storey levels.

The safety lighting in the Max-Schmeling-Halle was upgraded and modernised. For this purpose, the central units of the safety lighting were replaced by one new central unit. The 20 substations of the safety lighting were also replaced by new systems. The existing emergency exit and safety luminaires were replaced with new LED-based luminaires. In the course of the measures, additional cable systems had to be upgraded and their functions had tob e maintained. All measures were carried out while the hall was in operation.

Creator of the visualisations:
Andreas Budtke